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We strictly adhere to the “Code of Ethics” and the “Rules of Professional Conduct"
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Justin B.Comm., CPA, CGA
Founder & Administrator

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Mariadas Dip. in B.Ad,CGA Final
Tax Accountant

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Ananthakumar B. Sc.
Financial Accountant

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Rameshkumar B.B.A
Payroll Tax Accountant

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Alexandar B.A.
Tech Service Manager

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Justin B.A., B.Ed., OCT.

The long, remarkable journey with our clients is the reason for the successful outcome of our company

In 1994, the founder introduced the Income tax Electronic-Filing service amongst our community Ever since, the company became popular and has been identified as “Justin’s Office”.

Since 2008, the motto “We take the fear out of accounting, auditing and Income Tax”  has spread among Torontonians by our team.

Peter Justin B. Comm., CPA, CGA

The founder, Peter Justin, is a distinct person. His practice relied on his judgemental talent, education, experience, and knowledge. His working style is seeing the clients’ issues, analyzing the issues to avoid adverse outcome from possible links, and utilizing the problem-solving approach which have brought the company to its current successful stage.
Mr. Justin controls the office to maintain discipline and ensures the office procedures, accounting standards, and policies are upheld. Further he monitors the staff to ensure that the clients are advised properly to suit their specific needs, and to ensure accounting and tax works are being completed in accordance with laws and regulations.
Tax Accounting is the major part in our office. All required worksheets are prepared and maintained in accordance with the Tax Act and Accounting Principles. Corporation and Personal Income Tax returns prepared by staff accountants are monitored and directed by Justin.

Calistela Mariathas Dip. in B.Ad,CGA Final

Calistella Mariadas joined our company in 1999, she started her career as an accountant. In 2003, she was promoted as a Corporate Accountant as she specialized in all types of business name registration with the Federal government of Ontario.
Since 2007, she was promoted as a Tax Accountant, she handles complex tax cases. Since then she has provided an enormous service in filing personal (T1) and corporation income tax (T2) returns.

Yamini Ananthekumar B.Sc

Yamini Ananthakumar joined our company in 2005, she started her career as an accountant. Her in depth knowledge of the preparation of full set of accounting and financial statements, for all type of businesses resulted in her promotion as a Financial Accountant.

Vijayagowry Rameshkumar B.B.A.

Vijayagowry Rameshkumar joined with our company in 2013, she started her career as a Client Service Manager, and in 2015 she was promoted as Payroll Tax Accountant.

Thiffany Alexandar B. A.

Thiffany Alexandar joined with our company in 2015, she started her career as an accountant and tech solution manager.

Jothini Justin B.A., B.Ed., OCT.

Jothini Justin jointed with our company in 2015, she started her career as a coordinator.

Our company will not forget the employees who worked from 1992 to 2013 Sivamalar Gunaseelan, Vimala Anthonipillay, Gowshi Sivasubramaniam, Attorney Mr. Velauthan Tharumalingam Ravichandran Nadarajah, Rangika Karunathilage, over 62 university and college graduates were employed.
The founder expresses the deepest appreciation to all employees, members, volunteers, and clients for their participation and exceptional work and their best wishes to our company’s growth.

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