This questioning style document, "Lifestyle", is formatted to make you think.


The focus of this document will be on how to protect your hard-earned income, money handling and becoming wealthy for the readers who earn an income below $100,000.


What do we, as accountants, do for clients?


While you earn do not be scared of "Oh I have to pay a lot of income tax."

We, as the Tax Accountants, will apply all tax knowledge possible to reduce Income tax under the tax act.

We will ensure that the income tax-filers will receive the highest possible refund and credits under the Income Tax Act, which is rightfully theirs.

Setup a proper "Business Legal Structure", forsee your business-outcome with a proper Tax planning will reduce the income tax.

You as the employee, employer, investor earn salary, profit, Interest, dividends and capital gain as much as possible and apply your talents to increase your wealth.

A natural person, after his education, starts to earn income and pay income-tax.
Aiming for a better lifestyle persuades them to invest from their savings.

Too concerned about income tax? Or not willing to pay income tax a head-breaking advice. You may finally lose mostly all of what you earned.

Our advice to you is paying correct income tax; It’s very easy and will lead to lifelong peace and help to own headache free assets.




Don’t get caught in the marketing hype: under influence of ‘Greed’ or ‘Hope’

First marketing agencies sell you GREED; under their persuasion, you end up buying the product or service.

Some smart marketing agencies sell you HOPE; with this reasoning, you end up buying the product or service.

Media, online apps and marketing agencies spend millions of dollars on marketing and promoting to launch a new product or service.
It is incredibly easy to get lost in the vortex of a marketer’s trick.

Don’t be fooled into overpaying for a product.
Simply to get points, rewards, cash-back, free-gift, discounts or promotions




Working our entire life to save money for retirement?
Is it a good idea?

We do know how to earn money, but we do not know how to have a happy life out of it.

Owning a simple home is a great achievement at adult age.

When we need money to live the life, we always dreamed to have “a passionate living”

Youth age: Courageous lifestyle
Adult age: Passionate lifestyle
Become senior: Peaceful yet unfulfilled lifestyle


Financial Literacy

When I buy vegetables from a poor-vendor for $30.00, how many questions do I ask the poor-vendor?
Do I have practical knowledge to determine the price of the vegetable?

When I buy a property or business from a rich-vendor for $800,000.00, how many questions do I ask the rich-vendor?
Do I have enough practical knowledge to determine the True Value?

True Market Value
‘True market value’ means “Am I able sell the business or property next day, if necessary, at the price I paid today?

Buy a business, investment or a property at the amount equal to the today’s market value of the business or property."


Who controls my money?


Investment advisors in a suit with colorful documents can deceive us into blindly accepting their offers for their benefit.

Am I smart enough to determine what to do with my money, without other people influencing me or taking control?


Our lifelong saving may result in questions

We know how to earn money but do not know how to have a happy life out of it.

Many don’t know how to handle money; they give their money to someone thinking they are trustworthy and expect an interest and the return of their money whenever needed.

Finally, they lose their hard-earned money.


The Media

The media has convinced many people that money leads to happiness, that’s not true.

Money can certainly help you achieve your goals and make life more enjoyable, but merely having money doesn’t guarantee fulfillment.


Where's my money?

Did I put my hard-earned money into someone else's pocket?


Jumping into the unknown and hoping for the best is a risky business!

Taking a risk! At what age? With what portion of my savings or income?

Stock-trading and horse-betting are the same? No! It is not correct.

Stock-trading: Lots of color printed documents running away with your money
Horse-betting: Lots of strong horses running away with your money.

Investing in stocks, currency and commodity trading?
Meet at least two people who have really gained in the money trading!

Repentance makes you to continue this cycle! You may struggle to recover the money you lost for the rest of your life...


The risk

There is always a risk associated with any business or investment.
Some investors fail to understand the risks associated with investments!

The risk means “a certainty of a profit or the potential for financial loss” in the business or investment.

Taking a risk! At what age? With what portion of my savings or income?


Where some investors fall into!

Do understand. Best investment packages have never been advertised.

On many investments advertised in the market! The principal and earnings are not guaranteed.

You invest $100.00. If you lose 30.0%, your investment becomes 100-30=$70.00
You work harder and gain 30.0%, your investment become 70+21=$91.00
It is a cycle. Again, if you lose 30.0%, your investment become 91-27.30=$63.70

Repentance makes you to continue this cycle!
You may recover the money you lost or you may not recover at all.

A good example is “Stock Trading" and "Horse Betting"

You may struggle to recover the money you lost for the rest of your life…
While struggling to recover your principal! Where is the revenue on investment?
This is what we call “Putting your hard-earned money into someone else’s pocket”


My business

Do I get the following by operating my business?

  • Salary for the hours I work in my business.
  • Interest on the loan I borrowed to invest.
  • Profit for managing my business.
  • Capital gain for years I worked in my business when I sell it.
  • Did I recover my investment within a period of 3 to 5 years of time for the risk I took?

By continuing to operate my business, am I able to own a home to live and pay-off the mortgage within 15 years?


How the rich get richer


Ability to make appropriate decisions on investments.

Ability to assess and evaluate avenues of alternatives and opportunity costs before the investments are made.

Buying any property or business is not always an investment.
An investment must generate monthly income and future capital gain


How to become poor?


We do know to work hard, but we don’t know to how to work wisely.

How many hours do I work in a week?
Am I unable to take the appropriate steps in my life due to overwork?

Whom do I get advice from?
From accountants, lawyers, valuators,
Or from the vendor or sales agent of the property or business.

Do I buy a business or property for someone else’s sentimental reasons?
Continue operate the business which has been running at a loss, imagining I will earn a profit in the future. Is this a good business idea?

Am I applying traditional knowledge in the high financial risk world?
Am I able to make decisions based on rational thinking rather than on emotion?


We are rich


A person’s well-being is measured by having a “Happy Pleasant Life” not by wealth.
Moral values and ethical behavior of humans evolved to have benefits from a “Happy Pleasant Life”.

In the sense of moral and ethics, 80% of people are rich.
Moral are a luxury of the poor. In the modern world, we see...
Many materially rich people are morally poor.
Many materially poor people are morally rich.

Happiness is the art of taking pleasure in what we have.
Unhappiness is focusing on what we do not have.


Happy Pleasant Life

Communication is a lot more than simply speaking. It is a heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind talk.

The communication leads to a happy pleasant life. A failure to communicate will lead to an unhappy miserable life.

When one talks openly with their partner, family and closest friends about hopes, dreams, fears, successes or failures; It is encouraging and strengthens their bond.

Do we spend time with our family and friends?
How many hours do I spend for social functions, vacation?
Allocate time to education and self-health care?




Financial Success is ‘having some material assets’

Life Success is ‘enjoying a level of comfort and quality of lifestyle’

Richness of Life is having a ‘Happy Pleasant Life’

Life is not an illusion, it is about preparing ourselves for a pleasant life with our family, friends, and society. Family life strengthens our health and brings the happiness to our society.

A pleasant life is created by building trust, honesty and confidence within a family. Such healthy relationships can not be compared with a monetary value or to material riches.

Lack of money is barely an issue to enjoy a pleasant life.
Money will fill our bank accounts but not our hearts and minds.

Its ours for a little while!

One, in his life making mistakes is more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

When we focus on “I would be happy if!

If I bought a bigger house, got a better job, won the lottery, had so much money, saved more money for retirement, etc.,

We convince ourselves that working harder to earn money is the priority, rather than the duties to your family, children and spend time with friends and society.

Going towards money! The money-minded attitude will affect happiness.
We are to take pleasure in all that we have now.

Everyone is unique and has unique talents, skills, and life experiences.
We can’t compare ourselves to others.
This only serves to make our life miserable.

When we study stories about materially rich people, they are morally bankrupt.
When we go around thinking of money, we need more money.

If we are not happy with what we have, then it doesn’t matter how much is in our bank account. It will never be enough.

The rich act in their self-interest first and foremost.
The middle class spend time helping, volunteering, participating in family functions, social functions, religious activities, sports, movie, music, dance and other celebrations.

Feel how great it feels to be a joyful member in a family and in society being helpful, compassionate, and caring.

Ethics and morals are important values to everyone.
Some parents say they want to raise moral children while, in fact,
they put more stress on material success and popularity.
It is acceptable to put more stress on material success. But
we learn to have balanced life between material rich and moral rich.

Wealth protects the wealthy, the poor protect the poor.
The rules of social conduct are also stricter when one is poor.
The poor live a more disciplined life than the rich,
due to many members in a family and being in a connected society.

Stories about rich people are never stays in anyone hearts and minds
Stories about the poor in the sense of morally rich are forever in everyone hearts and minds

Once you build your life!
When you are in a difficult situation, your family members or friends give you $x.xx amount of money, to finish your education or start up your life.
Then you went to school, you worked hard, you found a job or started a business and became materially rich.

What would you do next!
You would say “all of these accomplishments are from my hard work;
God created a path for my life; Praise the lord, etc.,”

Will you do the same help to someone in your society who is in hardship, once you become rich?

What you do next is,
Get away from them, trying to associate with other materially rich, creating an artificial boundary, imagining every one impressed and watching you.
You do not want to spend time with your relatives and friends those things that truly filled your hearts and minds.


Our best wishes to you and your family