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We provide proper and effective solutions by understanding our client’s unique needs with respect and trust.

New Housing Rebate

Revenue Canada charging you $24,000 or more?

Am I living in the new house I bought?
Have I rented the new house I bought?
Do not worry! We will resolve your GST/HST Rebate issues with the CRA!

Non-Resident Tax

Non-Resident selling or buying a property in Canada?
First meet an Accountant before selling your property!

Non-residents must have a Tax ID number at the time the purchase of a property or business and must file ‘non-resident tax return’ every year until selling it.

The CRA Audits

We represent clients in resolving tax disputes with Revenue Canada.
Filing Notice of Objection and Appeals when the CRA audits a client under:

  1. Unreported income under equity base
  2. Income Tax
  3. GST/HST
  4. Payroll
And all other tax matters

Property Buying and Selling

Buying, renovating and selling a real property
Buying a property under a corporation? Tax Issues!

Starting a Business

Register a business as a Proprietorship or a Corporation

Professional Corporation

Register a professional corporation
Register a certificate authorization

Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants, Dentists, and Optometrists who wish to practise the profession through a professional corporation are strongly encouraged to seek professional advice on the best business structure for their particular situation.

Registering a Charity

Register for a registered charity and a donation tax number.
Starting a Not-for-Profit

Emigrant Tax

Canadians Leaving Canada for short term or long term?
Talk to us first. There are many tax issues that may surprise you!


We provide advice to help improve profitability and efficiency.
Full Set of Accounting:

  1. Reporting and replying to the CRA on all Audit and Tax issues
  2. Monthly Accounting
  3. Payroll, WSIB and Health-Tax
  4. GST/HST Filing
  5. Year-end Financial Statements
  6. Notice to Reader Statements for banks, company meetings and charity trustees’ needs
  7. Filing Corporation income tax returns
  8. Charity information returns

Canadians Own Property in the USA

Tax issues on foreign income, property rental income and bank balance

Tax Free Saving Accounts [TFSA]

If you do not understand the fact do not open the TFSA. The CRA may drain your money out.

Pension & RRSP & Income Split

Applying for pension and early pension. Income Split