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Richness of life is achieved by having a “Happy Pleasant Life”

The questioning style document makes you to think
How to enrich your life in modern society

A person’s well-being is measured by having a “Happy Pleasant Life” not by wealth.
Moral values and ethical behavior of humans evolved to have benefits from a Happy Pleasant Life”.
Morals are a luxury of the rich.
Many materially rich people are morally poor
Many materially poor people are morally rich
In the sense of moral and ethics, 80% of humans are rich
Happiness is the art of taking pleasure in what we have.
Unhappiness is focusing on what we do not have.
When we focus on “I would be happy if I… bought a bigger house, got a better job, won the lottery, had so much money, saved more money for retirement, etc…,
We convince ourselves that working harder to earn money is the priority,
Rather than the duties to your family, children, and society.

Going towards money! The money-minded attitude will affect happiness.
We are to take pleasure in all that we have now.
Be a happy pleasant person with your family, friends, and people around you in every moment of every day.
Everyone has unique talents, skills, and life experiences.
We can’t compare ourselves to others. This only serves to make our life miserable.
When we study stories about materially rich people they are morally bankrupt.
When we go around thinking of money, we need more money.
If we are not happy with what we have, then it doesn’t matter
how much is in our bank account. It will never be enough.
The rich act in their self-interest first and foremost.
The middle class spend time helping, volunteering, participating in religious activities,
at family functions, social functions, sports, movie, music, dance and celebrations.
Feel how great it feels to be a joyful member in a family and in society being helpful, compassionate, and caring.

Ethics and morals are important values to everyone.
Some parents say they want to raise moral children while, in fact,
they put more stress on material success and popularity.
It is acceptable to put more stress on material success. But
we learn to have balanced life between material rich and moral rich.
Wealth protects the wealthy, the poor protect the poor.
The rules of social conduct are also stricter when one is poor.
The poor live a more disciplined life than the rich,
due to many members in a family and being in a connected society.
Stories about rich people are never stays in anyone hearts and minds
Stories about the poor in the sense of morally rich are forever in everyone hearts and minds

Once you build your life!

When you are in difficult situation, your family members or friends give you $x.xx amount of money, to finish your education or start up your life.
Then you went to school, you worked hard, you found a job or started a business and became materially rich.

What would you do next!

You would say “all of these accomplishments are from my hard work;
God created a path for my life; Praise the lord, etc..,”

Have you remembered!

The family member or friend who gave you their Hard Earned Money to start your life!

Will you do the same help!

To someone in your society who is in hardship, once you become materially rich?

One person become rich from a middleclass;

They leave from moral and ethical class society.
You do know that your friends and relatives being impressed with you and have more respect for you because of your material rich?
What you do next is, Get away from them, trying to associate with other materially rich,
create an artificial boundary, imaging every one impressed and watching you. You do not want to spend time with your relatives and friends those things that truly fill your hearts and minds.

Money-minded attitude destroys family values.
The ancient civilization survived by hunting. The society we live in now has evolved over 14,000 years of civilization.
Has hunting for living societies disappeared now?
Are there few such societies remaining? Or
The same strategy still exists under a different approach such as earn money unethically, cheating others,
taking possession of other’s property, damaging other’s life for self-benefit, working greedy for money..,
The money-minded attitude is controlling us! It destroyed our freedom and happiness!
Communication is a lot more than simply speaking. It is a heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind talk.
The communication leads to a pleasant life. A failure to communicate will lead to an unhappy miserable life.
When one talks openly with their partner, family and closed-friends about hopes, dreams, fears, successes or failures,
It is encouraging and strengthens their bond.
Giving without thinking of one’s own family is not generosity. What is in it for me?
Being generous means giving our time, love, attention, and friendship.
Not simply handing over your money to someone.

Why are we scared to marry?
Lack of morals and common sense destroys married life.
The life we lived with our parents was remarkable, it never fades from our hearts.
We enjoyed the freedom of life!
Since 16 years old the dream of love and marriage thrills us, every moment and fills hearts.

We leave our parents go into our married bound and starting our marvelous life
Many married couples enjoy their life and living in the wonderland.
Many build a strong family.
Why few get into miserable! lack of morals? and common sense?, money-minded-attitude?

Once we married, we ignore the family values, as an excuse,
we go after money, leaves our spouse and children behind.
We end up with scars and wounds in our hearts.
Why we can’t bring our dreams into real life?
Why we can’t create a happy married life?
Why we are not smart enough to have a good life?

After all family life is more important.
One in his life making many mistakes is more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

Lack of money is barely an issue to enjoy a pleasant life
Money will fill our bank accounts but not our hearts and minds.
Someone would argue that money can buy anything!
Can you buy a happy, pleasant life?
Enrich our life! Life is about preparing ourselves for a pleasant life with our family, friends, and society. Life is not an illusion. Family life strengthens our health and bring the happiness to our society
A pleasant life is created by building trust, honest and confidence within a family.
Such healthy relationships can’t be compared with a monetary value or to material riches.

Want to Become Rich?

Extend out the family values from our home into school, work and to our society.

What We Do to Our Society?

Pearls Campus Canada
Pearls Campus Canada is formed and funded by Justin Peter’s family in 2008, to help children who were affected and displaced, in the northern part of Ceylon in the Mullaithevu, Vanni, and Mannar area by the greedy political war.

Children under twenty years of age who were displaced and lost their one or both parents are under our care program Called “JD Children Education”.

The JD Children Education program currently has over 110 children who were cared for by their teachers at schools, Priests, and nuns through Catholic churches, and some volunteers.
In 2009 and 2010 there were over 300 children in the program.
JD Children Education program provides:
  • Financial Help to the children with school supplies, clothing, and meals.
  • Monitoring and taking care of children in the capacity of education and social security.
  • Providing moral support as a guardian to gain confidence in their own life.
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