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What is My Business?

Earning from Employment, Business, and Investments means Business

Active Income

  • Employment: working for company to earn Salary.
  • Professional Practice: Practice Medicine, Law, Accounting, Engineering Services for salary & fee
  • Business: Trade of goods & services: Retail stores, Restaurants, and Clothing stores
  • Broker/Agent service: To earn Commission income work as: Real Estate, Insurance agent & sales man
  • Education, Administration & Management: Teachers, professors, administrators work for salary or fee at School, College, University, & Administration departments.
  • Finance & Money services: Work for salary or fee at Banking, currency exchange, stocks/bonds/commodity trading companies
  • Arts, Entertainment: Music, Singer, Actor, Dance, TV show Story Writer, Movie producer, Cinema to earn Profit or Royalty
  • Construction, Mining, Agriculture, Forestry: Trade of goods for salary or profit
  • Manufacturing & Processing: Trade of goods & services for salary or profit

Passive Income

  • Fund Investment: Trading stocks, Commodity & Mutual funds to earn Dividend, Interest & Capital Gain
  • Real Estate Investment: Own properties to earn Rental Income Capital Gain


  • Non-Profit Organization: Religious, Political, Athletic, Club, Foundation: Work for Salary or Volunteer services.
  • Government Services: Town, City, Province, Federal Including police & military: work for Salary.

Choosing the Right Legal Structure to Start-up a Business?

  • Limited Company [CCPC]
  • Professional Corporation
  • Proprietorship & partnership entity
  • Limited Liability Partnership [LLP] better option than a regular partnership

Tax Benefit?

  • Corporations pay Low Taxes!
  • Many Tax Advantages on passive Income!
  • Dividend gives great Tax Benefit!


  • A good business gives income for generations. as little as $1,000.00 a month is a lot of additional money!
  • It is endless revenue once the business runs on a properly planned path
  • It is an endless challenge too, good guidance and market strategy necessary

Me and My Business

My Employment Made Me Rich?

  • Employment is a Creator of Many Business Giants
  • Employment is a Starting place of Many Business Executives
  • Employment is a Driving force of Challenger’s Life
  • (some people don’t like to wok for employer, finally end-up starting an own business and operate successfully)

My Business Drives Me Crazy?

  • Investors must understand there is No Clear Direction for “How to Get Rich”
  • Many Investors think Doing Any Business Makes the Owners Rich
  • Many want to earn Quick Money
  • Many do not know How to Operate Business
  • Many do not know the Meaning of Opportunity Cost
  • Many do not want to know Diversification & Alternatives
  • Many do not want to get advice from professionals
  • Many get advice from professionals but do not follow the advice.

My Money Makes Me Sick?

  • Many do not know what to do with the earned money
  • Many know how to earn money but do not know how to use it wisely
  • Many know how to save, but do not know how to generate income from it.
  • Many don’t know how to handle money; they give the money to someone; think he is trustworthy and expect an Income or Interest finally to lose their hard-earned money.

My Accountant, is a Business Analyst, Never Helped Me?

  • Many Investors rely on others to run their business.
  • Many think in the future they will earn profit, even though currently their business is running at a loss
  • Many think sales are profit, without accounting for the actual net income
  • Many do not know how to operate a business profitability, but continue running the business
  • Many think that they know everything and they never listen to the professionals’ advice

I Am Right!

Saving is necessary to Invest:
Saving a dime from every one hundred dollars! is a good plan

Buying a lotto out of it!
It’s a one out of one millionth chance to become millionaire

Online Gambling or stock trading! to become wealthy?

That magic doesn’t happen to many people.