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Public Business Accounting Services Inc. from 1991 to 2010


Our mission is to ensure that our clients gain confidence through our guidance on Tax, Business and Investment matters and enrich their standard of living.


To be the leading accounting, tax, audit and advisory firm serving in Toronto and globally.


  • Our values serve as foundation of each step we take towards our vision.
  • Our professional advice includes family values as well as tax, business and investment planning.
  • We provide counsel and advocacy for our clients in their tax matters with Revenue Canada
  • We provide proper and effective solutions by understanding our client’s unique needs with respect and trust.
  • Justin and his team have been working for his clients, their accountants, and Lawyers in resolving Tax, Accounting, Business and related cases

Our Professional Staff Strictly adhere to ‘Code of Ethics’ and ‘Rules of Professional Conduct’
Peter Justin B. Comm., CPA, CGA
Accountant, Income Tax Advisor Business Analyst & Commissioner of Oath

Malar Gunaseelan B. Sc.
Tax Accountant

Ravichandran Nadarajah B. Comm.,
Management Accountant

Calistella Mariadas Dip-in Business Admin
Corporate Accountant

Yamini Ananthakumar B.Sc., Dip-in Accounting
Rangika Karunathilage Dip-in Business Admin

Ganesh Sathi B. Comm., final
Junior Accountant

Majuran Kulendran B. Comm.,
Junior Accountant

Rajasrikumar Sivasubramaniam RPA, CGA
Associate Accountant

Alfred Arulanandam CMA
Associate Accountant

Sathi Sathananthan CIMA
Associate Accountant

Our Staff

The Company is indebted to Sivamalar Gunaseelan who has been working for the company since 1995. Her knowledge in taxation and participation in tax-filing have created a path to our company’s growth. Mrs. Gunaseelan’s criticism and constructive suggestions brought the ability to study, evaluate, hire and manage employees. From 1993-1998 Attorney Mr. Velauthan Tharumalingam has helped to create company contracts, agreements, tax appeals and company incorporation documents. The documents are in use now.
Our company will not forget the first employees Gowshi Sivasubramaniam and Vimala Anthonipillay who worked from 1992-1994.

The motto “We take the fear out of accounting, auditing and taxation” has spread among Torontonians by our employees Calistella Mariadas since 1999, Ravichandran Nadarajah since 2002, Yamini Ananthakumar since 2005, and Rangika Karunathilage since 2007.

Some of the members are not here today to see the successful outcome of our company.

The founder expresses deepest appreciation to all employees, members, volunteers, and clients for their participation and exceptional work and their best wishes to our company’s growth.

Our Organization

The organization was established by Peter Justin in early 1989. On the 10th day of January 1989 the company was registered as a partnership called AJ Financial Services (Anton & Justin) primarily to file Income tax and arrange small loans, in North York Ontario. The partnership was dismissed in January 1990. Peter Justin started an accounting and Income tax office on the 19th day of November 1990, at 211-2331 Brimley Road, Scarborough, Ontario.

On the 3rd day of April 1991, the founder formed a company JD Business Accounting Limited with a partner Dharshini Marina Justin at their first resident address at 61 Mammoth Hall Trail, Scarborough Ontario. In February 1992 he opened a branch office at 595 Parliament St., Toronto, in the Five Star Traders grocery store. The down-town Toronto office is only for Income tax-filing. The downtown office has opened annually from February 10th to April 30th since 1992.

In 1994 the founder introduced the T1-Electronic Tax Filing system amongst our community. Ever since, the company became popular and has been identified as Justin’s Office. On the 5th day of September 1996, the founder changed the company name to Public Business Accounting Services Inc. and continued his practice at 201-1240 Ellesmere Rd., Scarborough, Ontario. The new office is designed with telephone system, saver-computer network, centralized fax, email, and internet to facilitate ten staff to operate efficiently to provide the best service to the clients.

The Founder

The founder entered Canada under the refugee program, with the only assets he possessed being an education and a good family background. The founder, Justin, is a distinct person. His practice relied on his education, experience, knowledge and judgemental talent. He does not advertise his service to attract clients. His working style is seeing the clients’ issues, analysing the issues to avoid adverse outcome from possible links, and utilizing the problem-solving approach which have brought the company to its current successful stage.

The founder, Justin, controls the office to maintain discipline and ensures the office procedures, accounting standards, and policies are upheld. Further he monitors the staff to ensure that the clients are advised properly to their specific needs, and to ensure accounting and tax works are being completed in accordance with laws and regulations. Tax-Accounting is the major part in our office. All required worksheets are prepared and maintained in accordance with the Tax Act and Accounting Principles. Corporation and personal Income tax returns prepared by staff are monitored and directed by Peter Justin.

Education of the Founder
The founder gained experience working as junior accountant for Dorathy Gardener CA., (former Revenue Canada Income Tax Auditor) at 2039 Yonge St., Toronto from May 1987 to April 1991. Most of his works involved preparation of full set of accounting records and assisting clients on audit by Revenue Canada auditors. He gained experience working as tax preparer for H&R Block at Wilson Ave., Downsview, ON from January 1988 to April 1991.

Justin’s home town is Uduvil, Jaffna. He is the son of Peter Samuel (profession: Chemist) and Cicilia Sinnappu John (profession: Teacher). The founder, Justin, is the third child of eight children. He studied at R.C. School Uduvil, St. Anns’s R.C.T.M. School Manilay, Uduvil Mann’s Maha Vidyalayam, Manipay Hindu College and Mahajana College Thellippalai. After completing his school education, he completed a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at the University of Colombo.

The founder entered USA in May 1984 and stayed at his aunt Agatha Rajanayagam’s house in Staten Island, New York. From June 1984 to January 1987, he gained experience working at gasoline stations, as a car parking attendant and at restaurants in New York, USA. From September 1984 to January 1987 he studied at Becker professional education centre and state university on New York to study Certified Public Accountant (US-CPA). He did not get required marks to obtain the US-CPA designation.

The founder entered Canada in February 1987. In 1994, he continued his education at Centennial College, Scarborough. In 1997 he entered the Certified General Accountant Association of Canada. While attending courses in CGA he studied at University of Toronto and York University, taking professional courses to complete his CGA.

On the 10th day of June 2000 he became a member of Certified General Accountant, Canada.

Training Service

The founder, Justin, maintains the office facility to teach and train new graduates. He offers a three month training program for trainees to start the journey to become professionals.

The training allows trainees to gain confidence and acquire adequate knowledge to work in an office, answering phones and using office equipment, learning how to work with coworkers and directors, and how to respond to Revenue Canada auditors.

The trainees learn the importance of internal management. The trainees learn that participation in the company’s administration is an essential skill to become a higher-rank professional. The trainees learn professional ethics, confidentiality rules and how to deal with clients.

Between 1994 and 2010, our office has trained over 62 graduates. Fellows who were trained are doing well in their professional lives.