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How to Become Poor?

The questioning style document makes you to think how to Protect Your Earned Income, Money Handling and Becoming Wealthy; for people who earn an income below $80,000.00 and own assets under $800,000.00.

Knowledge of
Financial Literacy,
Valuation of Investment and
Management Talent are the driving forces to make you Rich or Poor

  1. Financial Literacy? Put your hard-earned money into someone else’s pocket
  2. Valuation of Investments? Does the amount you pay equal to the True Value of the asset?
  3. Management Talent? Ongoing innovation and finding a better solution to increase sale of goods and services in the existing and new market.
  • A natural person, after his/her education, starts to earn income and pay Income-Tax.
  • Excess money, after their expenses, persuades them to invest, aiming for a better LifeStyle.

What we, the accountants, can do for you?

Since 1991, we have provided accounting and taxation services. Our Special Services are

  • Assisting our clients in Revenue Canada Audits, Income Tax Appeals.
  • How to start a business or Non Profit Organizations or Professional Corporation.
  • Non-Resident Buying or Selling of a Property or Business
  • Tax Clearance Certificate [Sale of a property by a non-resident]
  • Investing in Business or Property: What you should know
  • GST/HST New Housing Rebate
  • How to Bring Money into Canada Legally

The document outlines general information which may not be suitable for all individuals. It is of a summary nature only, and should not be acted upon without professional advice.

Peter Justin B. Comm., CGA, CPA has written the document by the request of Public Business Accounting Services Inc. All questions or concerns must be directed to Public Business Accounting Services Inc.

1. Financial Literacy?

How the Rich get Richer?

Ability to make appropriate decisions on Investments
Ability to assess and evaluate avenues of alternatives and opportunity costs before the Investments are made

Buying any property or business is not always an Investment.
An Investment must generate monthly Income and future capital gain
Assessing 1valuation, 2risk factor and 3rate of return on investment is a smart step.

New Investors fail to understand the risks associated with Investments!
Risk is the possibility of losing some or all of the original amounts invested.

Starting a business a good Idea? Yeah but!
Hard work will not create consistent profit!
Management techniques, marketing talents, quality of product or service will create profit.

“Higher the risk the higher the return” is very wrong
“Higher the risk the higher the return or higher the loss” is True!

Taking risk: at what age? What portion of my Income?

Investing in stocks, currency & commodity trading? or mutual fund?
Meet at least two people who have really gained in the Money Trading!

What Is Financial Literacy?

When I buy vegetables or fish from a Poor Vendor for $30.00
How many questions do I ask the poor vendor?
What ‘knowledge level’ do I have? to determine the price of the vegetable?
When I buy a property or business from a rich vendor for $1,000,000.00
How many questions do I ask the rich vendor?
What ‘knowledge level’ do I have? to determine the true value?

Who Controls Your Money?

Investment advisors in a suit and color-printed documents can deceive us into blindly accepting their offers for their benefit.
Am I smart enough to determine what to do with my money without other people influencing me or taking control?

2. Valuation

True Market Value of Investment [Is my investment safe?]

Buy a business, Investment or a property at the amount equal to the true value of the business or property.
‘True value’ means “Am I able sell the business or property next day, if necessary, at the price I paid today?

Risk Factor

There is always a risk associated with any business or investment.
‘The risk’ means “A certainty of a profit or the potential for financial loss” in the business or Investment?
Assess the risk factor to determine whether the business or investment is worth buying?
By doing this my Investment is Safe!

Stock Trading and Horse Betting are the same? No! It is not correct.
Stock trading: Lots of color printed documents running away with your money
Horse Betting: Lots of strong horses running away with your money

My theory or my advice is a natural person cannot lose his hard-earned-money received as salary on “principal not guaranteed investments” Any passive Income such as dividends, interests, rental income, gains, capital gains.., use to reduce loans payable. Do not take a risk on “principal not guaranteed investments”.

3. Management Talent

Ongoing innovation and finding a better solution to increase sale of goods and services in the existing and new market.
The organization and coordination of the activities of a business and planning, directing and controlling the given resources in order to achieve the vision.

X. Taxation

You as the Employee, Employer, Investor

Earn Salary, Profit, Interest, dividends & Gains as Much as Possible
Apply your Management Talents to Increase your Wealth

We as the Tax Accountants

Apply all Tax techniques possible to Reduce Income Tax under the Tax Act
Apply types of business structure to Pay Less Income Tax under the Companies Act
Apply accounting setup to foresee your business-outcome under the Accounting Principles

Our Note:

Too concern in income tax? Or Not willing to pay Income Tax A Head Breaking Advice, you may finally lose all of what you earned. Our advice to you is paying correct Income Tax; It’s very easy and will lead to lifelong, peace and help to own headache free assets.

How to Become Poor – Very Simple

New investors must understand “Theory of principal-in-safe”
On many Investments advertised in the market! The principal & earnings are not guaranteed
Do understand! Best investment packages have never been advertised.

Where new Investors fall into!
You invest $100.00 If you lose 30.0% your investment becomes 100-30=$70.00
You work harder and gain 30.0% your investment become 70+21=$91.00
It is a cycle; again if you lose 30.0% your investment become 91-27.30=$63.70
Repentance makes you to continue this cycle!
You may recover the money you lost, mostly You maybe not recover

Good example “Stock Trading”
You may struggle to recover the money you lost for the rest of your life…
While struggling to recover you principal! Where is the Revenue on Investment?
“Did you Put Your Hard-Earned-Money into Someone else’s Pocket”?

How Investors Become Poor

  • By getting advice from the vendor or sales-agent of the property or business
  • Apply their traditional business knowledge in the High Financial Risk World.
  • Pay any amount to buy a business, imagining I will earn profit in the future
  • Buy business/property for someone else’s sentimental reasons.
  • Buying business or property without taking correct valuation of the business or property.
  • Some just want to feel good of owning a business; they think total sale is the profit.
  • Investors think they know everything and don’t get advice from accountants, valuators, lawyers etc..,

Investors can avoid becoming poor by considering all factors and preparing a written plan before starts a business.

A good Investment must earns the following
  • Salary for the hours you work
  • Interest on the loan you borrowed to invest
  • Profit for managing your company
  • Gain for years you spend in business, Inflation and unexpectedly
  • Return on Investment for the Risk you have taken [ROI could be 3-5 years on business & 10-15 years on property]

For an Ideal Life; Investors should simply own a home as ‘principal residence’ pay-off the mortgage. If you have excess income, buy a second home to earn rental income to Pay-off your mortgages sooner. Investing in expensive homes or Condos will not give you gain or income.

Enjoy your life happily with your family and friends.